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Arily Michele - Featured Artist

Arily Michele is a singer, songwriter, and composer hailing from Denver, CO. She writes intelligent songs both musically and contextually. She recently graduated with a degree in classical music and is currently writing and performing music both as a solo artist and with a band.

Before the pandemic, Arily was working a job in finance and playing in an original band with other musicians. However, when lockdowns started happening she got bored.


Boredom can be extremely productive for some people! Well, Arily launched a solo career. She’s released an EP and she already has another album written and ready to go with shows lined up.

In her bio Arily Michele states, “I’m a proud Virgo sun and Aries moon. A lot of duality exists within both myself and my music. I’m a classically trained musician, but I love breaking the rules of music theory. I use themes from classic literature to share my experiences with trauma and abuse. My debut album, Echolalia, is a musical anthology of my recovery from complex trauma.”

I must say, even tho Arily is fairly young her music is very mature. Also, the content is unique. For example, in “Ophelia” she writes about a literary character and story that already exists but changes the ending of the story. I think this is brilliant songwriting. I am very impressed with Arily and I think our listeners will be as well.

Arily Michele says that in the near future as life gets back to normal her band will probably be playing some of her songs live as well as their own originals. If you’re in the Colorado area post-pandemic and feel like getting out to see a talented musician then try to find out when Arily is playing and GO!

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