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Atomic Berries - Chasing the Dream

Atomic Berries is a Finnish duo. Their sound provides groovy retrofuturistic soundscapes that take the listener on a musical journey. The duo was founded in 2018 and founding member Midas has recently acquired vocalist Juniper. They’ve recently released a new project called “Chasing The Dream”. Here are my thoughts...


Other than having a cool name, the Atomic Berries also have a cool sound. I think they have come a long way since the last project we reviewed. Juniper’s vocals are a really great addition! The album opens up with “Robo Lover.” With the opening jam, it’s obvious that this is going to be an exceptional dance-pop album! Midas does a great job at making tight beats for Juniper’s vocals. From the tight bass lines to the production trinkets up top, this track is hot and an excellent start to the Atomic Berries album.

“One Wish” and “Chase Your Dream” continue the Atomic Berries journey. They’re both cool-sounding tracks as well, but “One Wish” in particular sounds very similar to the first track. It has a familiar beat and the vocals are in the same range and melodically are very similar. Although all the tracks are very well produced there is something about the sound that isn’t sitting with me entirely.

With the track “Chase Your Dream” I’m now figuring out what it is… Juniper’s vocals have some sort of distortion effect on them all the time. I appreciate the intent but some clean vocals would be nice also. It sort of sounds like she’s singing thru a kazoo after a while. I think some cleaner tracks a little more upfront would help clear it up.

I think my favorite tracks overall on the album are in the meat of the order. “Relive the Moment” is the best put-together song on the project overall. Juniper’s vocals are cleaner and that really helps the sound, I think. “No More Words to Say” also tops my list. I think it’s tops for me mainly for the musical production. I can hear this track pounding in the clubs. There are some cool breakdowns that keep it interesting and Juniper’s vocals are on the clean side again.

Overall, Atomic Berries have a killer album here! Even tho I nitpick this is a review! If you’re a fan of electronica/club/dance music then I encourage you to check out the new project “Chas The Dream”. Also, I think they’ve made huge strides since their first releases. I’m excited to see where Midas (and Juniper) take this project in the future!

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