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B-Eazy - 100 Myles 2 Eazy Street - Review

B-Eazy is one of those artists that is going to stick around. Whether he gets "famous" or not doesn't really matter. He's just doing his thing and it probably won't change. I think he's made a positive tweak to his sound this time around tho. Introducing Emilio Myles.

You see, a lot of rappers these days don't actually get the opportunity to work with a producer, let alone a good one. Many times, rappers get their beats for free somewhere or purchase rights to use a beat for themselves. I've watched B-Eazy be in this same boat. I think working with Emilio has helped B-Eazy become even greater than he already is.

B-Eazy - Chicago Rap

B-Eazy hails from Chicago and Emilio from Detroit. The two met on Twitter and after Eazy accepted an invitation to work on a joint Ep with Emilio, the 100 Myles 2 Eazy Street was born. B-Eazy has been telling me that this is one of the first times he's been able to go back and forth with a producer to tweak the songs. I think this dialogue between producer and artist is critical to crafting good songs.

I pretty much enjoyed every song on "100 Myles 2 Eazy Street". My favorite by far is "Don't Compare Me To Ya Exes". This song, in my opinion, has the best commercial appeal and definitely the most catchy. The beat is smooth and B-Eazy does an amazing job telling his story while laying down some unforgettable melodic hooks. I can't help but laugh when the girl goes "Um, do I hear a bitch in the background?" and B-Eazy's reaction "Uhhhh".

Everything is good to go on this new EP. Of course, I have to give a little critique that's not all fluffy. For me, the element that lacks the most on this project is the quality of some of the lead vocal tracks. Obviously I'm not talking about B-eazy's abilities. I'm more talking about the SOUND of the tracks. There is some annoying distortion and the eq is a bit tinny. They could be much bigger and better. I feel like in order to keeping topping up B-eazy needs to get some better recording gear and maybe add some more stacks here and there. But overall, a new mic and some practice with recording techniques could yield a much higher quality product.

But, hey that's what B-Eazy keeps doing, leveling up. It's been great watching him grow his career and I'm excited to see what's next. Make sure to check out all of his other releases as well and enjoy the journey with me. Check out more of my thoughts on our Youtube channel HERE.

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