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Brandon Bing - Rat Race - Review

Cover for the song "Rat Race" by Brandon Bing

Brandon has recently released his new single "Rat Race." Brandon Bing is an artist who has carved a niche for himself in the country music genre. His music is an amalgamation of traditional country storytelling with a contemporary edge, characterized by gritty musical elements.

His affinity for traditional American values plays a significant role in his music. He grew up listening to iconic country musicians such as Merle Haggard, Hank Williams, and Willie Nelson, which have influenced his musical style. Brandon is true to his values and it shines thru in his music. His music is also notable for its inventive wordplay and themes that resonate with listeners, striking a balance between innovation and nostalgia

In "Rat Race' Brandon has crossed the boundary of country music into the rock realm and even slightly crosses over into the pop arena. To me, the overall sound of the song sounds more pop rock with some country flavor. This lines up exactly with what Brandon told me when I interviewed him a while back. He is a country artist but he also is a songwriter without genre limitations. "Rat Race" is a great example of this as it is a mix of country, rock and pop.

"Rat Race" has a huge country sound too tho don't get me wrong, it's definitely still a country song. However, there are some elements in this single that are somewhat new to Brandon's sound. For example, his vocal delivery in the choruses are more pop than country. Also, there are some guitar rock moments that almost sound similar to a hard rock sound. So, there's something for fans of country, pop and rock in this single! Overall thos, Rat Race” was written to connect with the many people who for one reason or another have had to deal with directly or know someone who suffers from addiction.

Brandon Bing has nailed it again! I'm impressed with Brandon's drive in both his music and his business careers. I'm a huge fan! I'm curious to know what YOU think about the new single "Rat Race" by Brandon Bing. Make sure to hit him up on social media and let him know you heard it here first on Indie Music Plus!

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