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Breaking the Undertow - Riffage - Review

Trevor Heaslip is at it again. Ever heard of him before? Wow, Trevor has been busy the past couple of years as the artist known as Breaking The Undertow. His new single “Riffage” is the topic of this review.

“Riffage” is another top-quality single from Breaking The Undertow. The blurb I received with the single info says “as the name aptly suggests, is built around several strung together guitar riffs that have been sitting in Heaslip’s archive for over a decade. After focusing mainly on hooks, melodies, and harmonies over the course of the past 7 releases, “Riffage” is in stark contrast with its chugging guitars and guttural yelling.”


This single is heavier than the usual BTU song, but that’s ok! I think Trevor is at his best when he’s heavy. Trevor likes “to push myself out of my comfort zone. …to make sure I’m not writing the same song over and over again.” That’s easy to do for sure and Trevor is doing a great job at keeping things interesting. Also, his production quality is never lacking and keeps getting better with every release. Whatever he’s doing I hope he gets some serious recognition soon!

I highly encourage you to become a fan of Breaking The Undertow. Trevor has been working on releasing singles for the past few years and he’s not letting up anytime soon. We’re such huge fans of Trevor that we’ll be having him as a featured artist in the near future! Stay tuned!

We’re curious to know what YOU think!!

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