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Breaking the Undertow - TXPYR - Review

Things have been changing around here at Indie Music Plus but one thing remains constant - Breaking the Undertow. Trevor Heaslip is at it again and this review is going to be basically the same as the last few: IT IS AWESOME!

Breaking the Undertow - TXPYR

So, if you've been following our website for longer than 2 seconds you're going to know Breaking the Undertow. Trevor's sound is about as pro as it gets. If I remember right he and his brother work together on engineering and production. And, it's only been getting better and better. In fact, I don't think the quality of sound can get much better than it is.

For an indie group Breaking the Undertow is nailing the overall sound. On this particular track tho, I am not too fond of the autotune/pitch correcting/chorus effect on Trevor's vocals. I don't think it necessarily sounds "bad" but I do think it's overdone. For me, it's akin to having the perfect cheeseburger that has too much ketchup. It's still great tasting but the ketchup is overwhelming.

Other than that minor critique I think Trevor has nailed yet another fantastic single. The guitars are heavy as shit, which I love. Also, the melody Trevor sings is super cool! This guy has an amazing voice and over the years he's grown into it like a perfect fit t-shirt.

Honestly, I'm not sure why Breaking the Undertow hasn't blown up all over commercial radio. Only time will tell and if Trevor keeps releasing singles as much as he is new fans will always have something to dig into which is important for keeping people around. If you only have one gets old quickly. So, I already can't wait for new music from Trevor Heaslip and Breaking the Undertow. Stay tuned!

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