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Catherine Duc feat. Jonas Isacsson – Remember When – Review

Catherine Duc is a Grammy-nominated composer and multi-instrumentalist hailing from Australia. She recently released a single called “Remember When” featuring the iconic guitar playing of Jonas Isacsson. Jonas is a Swedish guitarist who has played the famous band Roxette for over 15 years. To top off this stellar cast of musicians is engineer Randy Merrill, an American multi-Grammy-winning mastering engineer who has worked with Adele and Lady Gaga.

Catherine Duc

I undoubtedly love the music of Catherine Duc. It’s a general mix of Synthwave and retro wave but with melodic progressive house influences. Of course, this style of music has become extremely popular over the past few decades with the invention of the “sample”. Literally, anyone can make music these days. However, it still takes talent and hard work to make GOOD music. Catherine is doing just that.

I can’t really come up with any major criticism for this track. It’s easy to come to the conclusion that the artists involved are at the top of their craft. It would work great as bed music for some sort of documentary. There is certainly enough musical variations to keep even the most experienced listener interested.

The guitars of Jonas Isacsson make most of the track. I mean, the general bed of music is great and pleasing. But, when the guitars come in they add SO much. During the week I was writing this review and absorbing the track I found myself singing the guitars in my head over and over. That’s a good sign!

Also, as I said before, there is enough variation in the music that it keeps the listener interested. These days music has become so repetitive that it’s nice to hear songs that have real musical ideas and structure. Catherine Duc is an artist I’m putting on my list. I can’t wait to hear more from her!

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