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Cold Shivers - Stars Pavement - Review

Cold Shivers is a duo coming from the East Coast, USA. The duo consists of nick Duane from Rhode Island and Jim Hall from New Jersey. It's a side project for both artists and they've released a 5 song EP. Nick Duane is an artist we've reviewed in the past who has put out quite a few songs over the past couple of years.

The single "Stars Pavement" hit my desk for review and I gotta's a bit weird. One of the beautiful things about indie music these days is that there is something for everyone. I'm sure a lot of listeners will love this new single. I'm not sure I'm one of them.


Initially, the overall soundscape is trippy and soothing. I enjoy the spacey vibe for sure. The drums have a flange effect that is pretty cool too. I love the general idea of the song. I appreciate what the guys are doing with their sound. I have to be honest tho, the vocals make it less enjoyable, for me.

I know, not every song is going to have an amazing singer, over-the-top melodic hooks, and blow every listener's mind all the time. I'm just having a hard time getting into the vocals. There isn't any melody to speak of. The vocals consist of some random talking that doesn't make much sense, not that it has to, but also, the quality of the vocal is to be desired. It sounds like it was recorded on a cell phone and then just thrown into the mix without much thought.

So, all in all, I could use a little more finesse and some variety in Stars Pavement. I think Cold Shivers are on the right track to a unique sound. I think these guys have potential as a duo and I'm going to check out their other tracks right now. you should too!

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