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Desmond Parson - Got Me Thinking

Desmond Parson is a singer-songwriter from Washington, D.C. who has been our featured artist in the past. Desmond is one of the most talented dudes to come thru Indie Music plus in a while and he’s back with a new single “Got Me Thinking”.


The track is everything a fan of Desmond would expect. Smooth grooves, cool changes, high-quality production, and uplifting lyrics. Anyone who is a fan of Stevie Wonder will recognize the obvious influence in Desmond’s music, in particular this track. There are a few things tho that have caught my ear that didn’t jive as well as they could.

The main issue is the vocal mix. Now, Desmond is an amazing singer. Let’s just get that straight first. However, there is something making his vocals sound slightly out of tune in certain spots. When I listen it sounds like the combination of vocal stacks and a chorus effect are detuning some notes.

Everything aside from nitpicking tho Desmond has a strong single per usual. Desmond is one of those artists that once he gets into your musical ear he’s hard to get rid of! If you’re into the RnB, neo funk, and soul sound then consider adding Desmond Parson to your rotation. Desmond possesses something that most artists do not: Longevity. His music is real and timeless. If only we could get it to break through into the mainstream.

Desmond is steadily releasing singles so keep your eyes out. He’s one of those artists that I plan on following for a long time. I encourage you to check him out and do the same!

We’re curious to know what YOU think!! Let us know on social media @IndieMusicPlus and also let the artist know that you heard their music here first on Indie Music Plus! As always, thank you for reading and continuing to support indie music of all genres! Let us review YOUR music!

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