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DOTS - Featured Artist

DOTS is a band out of Atlanta that is making groovy dancy funky kinda music and loves to tour. Of course, the past year has been hard for the band due to the pandemic but they’re looking forward to getting out there and already have dates lining up. We got a chance to sit down with Ryan who gave us some insight into what they’re doing.


Well, they’ve been writing a ton and they’re ready to take over the post-pandemic world. One of the things that is cool about this band is that I picked them as a featured artist based on a song that they’re not even going to use. If you want to be a successful band, THAT is how you are supposed to write! You’re supposed to have so many songs to choose from that you can’t even use them all.

DOTS have a sound that music fans of all genres will like. They’re groovy, spacy, and melodic. David focused on the guitar sounds in the deeper w/ Dave segment. On the band’s Bandcamp page they admit that they’re more “Dance” than anything. Ryan says they started out as a four on the floor kind of band but have evolved over the years into something more.

The plan for the band is to go out for 10 days in July and then again in October. Over the pandemic, they’ve written 30 pieces and are currently widdling them down to 10 so they can release a new album. Ryan said it’s normally pretty quick between releases but this time it’s longer than usual. I love DOTS sound and hope that they keep going. They’ve been going for 7 years already and that’s normally a sweet spot before bands break out. Look out for them!

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