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Heavy Broken Machines - Disruption - Review

Heavy Broken Machines are a four-piece group based in three countries ( Scotland, England, and France ) brought together with their love of heavy music. All songs are produced and mixed at Mountain Lair Studios based in Chamonix Mont-Blanc, France. I think these guys have something special going. They are almost the perfect blend of pop and hard rock. I'll be focusing on their single "Disruption" which was released last year.

First off, if you like heavier hard rock with an industrial influence then take a moment and get to know Heavy Broken Machines. The name sort of gives it away. Second, if you like great songs then this group is for you also! It's hard to find that happy medium between heavy and pop but I think they have done a good job trying.

Heavy Broken Machines

Heavy Broken Machines also do a good job of adding some variety to the song. They flow between the verses and choruses almost seamlessly. Then, just at the right time, in my opinion, there is a perfectly placed bridge that breaks the song down with a variation of the chord progression and then builds everything right back up without skipping a beat.

As I said, I love the heaviness, the industrial flavor, and all that, but I think my favorite part is the vocals and the melodies. So many great hooks! Dav's vocal range and control are epic! Seriously good stuff!

If you're a fan of melodic hard rock with industrial sprinkles then please spend some time listening to the indie band Heavy Broken Machines. These guys are now on my radar and I can't wait to hear more music!

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