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How To License Your Music For Television

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

When a musician creates a new piece of music, a crucial factor in achieving commercial success is partnering with a trustworthy licensing agent. Acquiring a music license for television can provide numerous opportunities for an artist, including having their tracks showcased in commercials and TV series. This exposure can result in potential royalties, performance rights, and collaborations.

To have your music eligible for licensing on television, the primary and most crucial step is ensuring its legal availability and retaining control of your copyright. This involves adhering to copyright and legal guidelines, as well as safeguarding your intellectual property by registering your work with a reputable organization like The American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP).


Afterward, investigate and identify firms that serve as intermediaries between musicians and music libraries. These agencies maintain connections with music supervisors and networks, enabling your music to be licensed and utilized. Companies such as CD Baby and American Production Music are examples of these types of agencies.

When looking for the right licensing agency, evaluate their terms and fees. Some companies might provide a one-time fee for using your music, while others might have a royalty-based structure depending on additional performance rights and usage. Additionally, explore resources like Songtradr, which lets you upload and manage your tracks, and Music Dealers, which offers access to a global music marketplace.


To promote your music, it's essential to get it noticed by music supervisors, producers, and directors who could potentially choose your music for licensing. Networking is an excellent method for establishing connections, and don't hesitate to contact potential collaborators directly. Maintaining a robust and consistent presence on streaming platforms like Spotify, YouTube, and other social media channels is crucial for enhancing visibility and securing placements.

To guarantee that your music is correctly licensed when utilized, document each transaction, obtain written consent, and monitor any royalties that may be due. Staying organized and maintaining a secure archive of your music and recording documents is also essential. This approach minimizes any risks associated with licensing and ensures proper compensation.

Obtaining a music license for television can be a fantastic opportunity for artists to increase their exposure, generate income, and potentially secure collaboration opportunities. By following these guidelines and researching potential partners, musicians can successfully license their music for television in a structured and legal manner.

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