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Jon Cohen - Featured Artist

Jon Cohen is a rock artist out of Montreal. He’s not making rock music this time around though. In fact, with his new project Jon Cohen Experiment, he is currently using his iPhone as his studio. Sounds interesting right? Well, it is and that’s why he’s our featured artist this week!

Jon Cohen – Featured Artist

I don’t think Jon Cohen is necessarily the first person in the world to use only his iPhone to record an album, but he is definitely one of the best and has taken the approach to a new level. The thing about Jon is that he’s already a musician. He says in his live interview on Indie Music LIVE! that the thing he likes most about using the apps on his phone to make music is that it allows him to be super creative. I can feel his pain. Every time I want to get creative with my equipment, I am always roadblocked by having to relearn the software and recording techniques. Jon goes thru the same creative pain so to speak…

I’ve heard what other people record on their phones and call it music. This is different. Jon makes REALLY good full and complete songs with vocals and all the production ear candy one could want. When I first heard Jon’s music I was amazed that he really does it all on his phone. Watch the video above and learn how he does it!

I haven’t actually heard any of Jon’s other rock-style music but he seems to be a busy body musician around the Montreal area, even organizing a local festival called The One Man Band Festival. He’s a super talented guy and I’m excited to see what is in his future. Will he keep making music only with his iPhone or will he start making rock again post-pandemic? I guess we will have to find out. Until then, keep your eyes and ears peeled for his new releases!

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