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Kayla Silverman - Breaking and Entering - Review

Kayla Silverman is a singer-songwriter based out of Boston. She is most recognized for her song "Can't You Tell". However, in this review, I'll be focusing on her single "Breaking and Entering". After looking over her info and researching a little on the internet I have found that Kayla is quite a well-rounded and accomplished musician.

I haven't heard much of her other music but she says she's influenced by the works of Weyes Blood, St. Vincent, ELO, and Franz Schubert. She also describes her music as the byproduct of a studio session with "Mozart and Billie Eilish." Sounds interesting to me!

My initial thoughts on my first listen are that she's definitely talented and the production is tops. The average pop music enthusiast will eat her music up! I like to go a little deeper tho...

If you've read any reviews by me over the past 6 years you know how much I loooove (actually hate) auto-tune and pitch correction tools. I enjoy a little nuance or a hint of these effects but in general, they can ruin great songs for me. Ok, I got that out. Let's focus on something else.

The music and production overall is great! It's obvious Kayla is serious and thoughtful about what she is creating with her art. In "Breaking and Entering" the melodies are catchy and she uses musical dynamics very well which is a scarce concept these days. Also, the structure of the song is just right. Not too short, not too long with some variety. Overall my only real critique is the effects on the vocals. A little less auto-tune and pitch correction with a little more organic base and I'm happy, but hey, I'm just the reviewer guy!

I love being introduced to budding sensations such as Kayla Silverman. I think there is something about her that will take her career to the next level soon. I really like her sound and hope that she will show her natural voice a little more as she continues her journey.

I would definitely recommend "Breaking and Entering" to music fans that enjoy pop music with talented and competent female vocalists. Kayla fits right in there with the best of them and I can't wait to watch her career development in the future!

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