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KingZiLLa - Featured Artist

KingZiLLa is a guy based in Nevada making self-proclaimed “Dub Funk” music. I must say when I received his submission to be a featured artist I was excited! He is making some unique music that has the perfect blend of dub, funk, hip-hop and the like. His new single “HYPE!” feat. Blake is a must listen to for 2021. KingZiLLa says the song is just a reflection of everything we endured in 2020 and a hope that it won’t happen again.


What is Dub Funk? KingZiLLa says it’s a blend of Dubstep, drum and bass, and mixing it in with some funk. He says it’s important to blend it in such a way that the music is still accessible to people who may not dive deep into any of those genres by themselves but may dig them when blended together. He says Dub Funk is the best term to describe what he’s doing. In the Indie Music LIVE! interview below, Dave stated that KingZiLLa’s music is akin to past featured artist Gamebreax for its percussive gamified style.

KingZiLLa says that when he was growing up he had a wide gamut of likes in music. In particular, his parents say that whenever they turned on some music, he responded mostly to Muddy Waters, The Who, The Beatles, Sly & The Family Stone & James Brown where they saw a reaction in him. If you’re not even necessarily into Dubstep, Funk, or any of the other genres, KingZiLLa is a must-hear. Also, he has his hands in some other projects as well that are VERY interesting. Check him out!

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