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KingZiLLa ft. BRO. BLAKE - Injection - Review

Concert Crowd KingZiLLA

KingZiLLa has been crafting funky beats for quite some time. Based near Las Vegas, NV, he has consistently released singles over the past few years, showing no signs of slowing down.

We've had the pleasure of reviewing his music in the past and even featured him as an artist. We also interviewed him on our Youtube channel a while back. You can watch the interview HERE. KingZiLLa is renowned for pioneering his self-titled genre "Dub-Funk." As the name suggests, it's an electrifying blend of dub and funk.


With "Injection," KingZiLLa hits the ground running. The track offers no respite, so brace yourself for an adrenaline rush. Drawing inspiration from music legends like Jimi Hendrix, NIN, Run The Jewels, Parliament, and Funkadelic, "Injection" seamlessly integrates these influences, paying homage while carving out its niche in the DUB-FUNK landscape. The song stands as a testament to KingZiLLa's musical prowess and his knack for producing tracks that deeply resonate with both listeners and party-goers.

KingZiLLa's drumming, beats, and overall production quality are consistently top-notch. His prowess as a drummer is evident, and his sound is both pristine and timeless. If you have a penchant for robust grooves, funk, and a sprinkle of EDM, this track is a must-listen. You won't be disappointed.

From the get-go, it's all about the bass and drums. The energy is palpable, and KingZiLLa's commitment to top-tier production shines through. It's undoubtedly one of the most sonically pleasing indie tracks I've encountered this year. An amusing side note: as I began my review, my wife shouted from another room, "Hey, turn that up!"—earning the track the "JoeJoeKeys' wife approved" stamp.

I'm eager to hear your thoughts. Does it pack the punch I believe it does? Share your opinions, and don't forget to let KingZiLLa know that you discovered his track right here on Indie Music Plus!


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