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Limberlost – Good Fight – Review

Limberlost is a group from the Northwest that has been rocking us for years…in fact, I feel like I’ve already said something like that before. We’ve featured and reviewed Limberlost’s music before. Their new single “Good Fight” is here and it’s an epic tune about the fight between good and evil. 2020 was a rough year for everyone, and in this song and video, you can relive it and actually almost feel good about the battles we as a species have fought and the progress that has been made.

Limberlost – Good Fight

The song itself is nothing short of a masterpiece. It’s warm, it’s heartfelt, and it nails the message. The band plays mostly upbeat driving rock from what I’ve heard before, but this time they’ve ventured into the AC Adult lane of music genres. That’s not a bad thing, I guess. Of course, they are pulling it off! The band has a unique lineup with 2 female vocalists. Krystle Pyette tends to take the leads while Brittany Lauren handles the backgrounds. At first, it can be tough to adjust to TWO female lead vocalists, but these two pros blend so well that they easily sell it!

All boxes get checked in the production category in “Good Fight”. Drums? Check. They sound like they should. Real and slightly tweaked to lay the foundation. Guitars? Yup. The tone is amazing and the parts are well played, acoustic and electric. Bass? Doing what it should, providing the low end and booming. Vocals? Well, we already talked about that before. YEAYAH!

To flip things on the side for a moment though…I hate to say it but the tune feels a bit long for me. I can see it ending (for a radio mix at least) around the 4:20 mark which is an easy fix if they choose to do so. Don’t get me wrong the song doesn’t let the listener down after that point but let’s face it, attention spans are short these days. It does end a little after the 6-minute mark with some nice arranging to bring it all together.

Last but not least, the video for the song is very cool. It shifts seamlessly between shots of the band playing the song and shots of crisis from the past year (i.e. homelessness, riots, life shutting down in general, etc.). Don’t let that deter you from checking it out though, it may be therapeutic for you. It was for me!


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