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Maurice James - Angels Exist - Review

Maurice James is a singer/songwriter from Chicago, Il. Maurice has just released a new single called "Angels Exist" and I think it's his best yet. We reviewed his music before and I can say this single is bounds and leaps above the last one.

First off the engineering of this track is spectacular. The piano sounds like it's actually in the room as I am listening. Maurice's amazing voice shines thru crystal clear as well. This song is more than just the engineering's actually an amazing song as well! It seems as if Maurice has a special bond with the piano, and it shows.


There isn't much on the internet about Maurice but he has a classic sound and deserves more attention. It's a mystery as to why Maurice isn't a superstar yet because he's as good as it gets. "Angels Exist" should be getting much more exposure than it is. I wish Maurice James would get a team behind him and make a big marketing push. He might be surprised by what could happen.

Unfortunately, "Angels Exist" is only his second song in just as many years. I understand the strategy of releasing singles but he should be releasing more. It's hard to tell if Maurice is releasing singles just for fun or for real. Of course, either way, it doesn't take away from his amazing music.

I think "Angels Exist" is a great example of what Maurice James is capable of and he should capitalize on that by releasing more music. Because, honestly, one single a year just isn't going to keep most listeners' interest. I look forward to hearing more from him!

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