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Misao McGregor - Featured Artist

Misao McGregor is a 24-year-old singer/songwriter currently based in California. Although born into a music family, Misao admittedly wasn’t a very good piano student early in life. She said in her featured artist interview below that she feels bad for her piano teachers growing up because she would never practice. Well, after all is said and done she’s turned into quite the accomplished musician and even a budding playwright as well. She recently finished college so her path could go any way she pleases. We will all have to wait and see tho!

Misao McGregor – Songwriter

Misao says that songwriting has given her a chance to explore and expose her evolving identities. She says her song “When You Go Away” was written after she had returned home from college. The lock-down for Covid-19 was just beginning so she felt isolated not being able see her friends. So, she wrote the song and then sent it to all of them to record themselves doing activities that gave them joy, and hence the music video was born.

Misao says she’s been teaching herself how to produce her music because she feels it gives her more control over her style. She says when just playing piano and singing it’s easy to start sounding like everyone else. Misao admits her tendencies towards the pop sound, but with the release of her new album, the growth has begun. She says she’d like to make music without genres or labels due to her large spectrum of influences. For now, she wants to be a sponge and take in everything and keep exploring.

In the Deeper w/ Dave segment, she even talks briefly about how she is also a playwright and has actually earned some indie awards already. I’m excited to see what will happen for Misao! Please check out her new release “Kid In A Corner” and let her know you heard her music here on Indie Music Plus!

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