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Noise Blossom - Live Loud - Review

Like Rock? Good. Listen up. Noise Blossom is Michael Mullens. Aside from the drums, he is the main musician in this group. I'll be focusing on the single "Live Loud" which I am digging, a lot.

According to the band bio, Michael is a huge fan of Soundgarden and created the name "Noise Blossom" because it sounded like something that would be IN a Soundgarden. I think what resonated with me before I knew that is the huge rock sound, akin to Soundgarden.

Noise Blossom

It's heavy, it's riffy, it's produced well, and overall just a great tune! The fact that Michael is a huge Soundgarden fan even makes his sound make more sense. On the other hand, it's definitely not a copy by any means. In fact, my initial thoughts on the vocals were they sounded a little like Perry Farrell of Jane's Addiction. Well, I was kind of close.

In their bio, it's mentioned that vocalist Michael Mullens took some time to develop his voice before releasing this album. Apparently he was new to singing and wasn't confident in his delivery. Well, I think that's he's good to go! His voice is unique and certainly doesn't fit into any one box. Plus, it's totally ROCK!

Of course, I can't talk about the single without mentioning the video. It's kind of corny and I love it. It gives a classic music video feel to a classic-sounding song. I'm guessing it's Micahel in the video and I love his character.

If you're a rock fan and love it loud then "Live Loud" by Noise Blossom is a must. Noise Blossom will fit perfectly into any rock playlist. Add it to your summer playlist NOW and LIVE LOUD!

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