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Noonish Moon - It's Not Me 'Cuz It's You - Review

Noonish Moon is the synth/guitar project of musician Steven Stark. According to him, “The project weaves together melodic hooks, compositional construction, and dark energy.” Well, I’d have to agree! Plus, this is good shit! Regular music listeners will enjoy this tune but if you’re a musician or know anything about music theory there is some interesting ear candy treats in this tune. Let me explain.


You see, to some musicians pop music can become quite repetitive and boring. So, songwriters sometimes try to switch things up a bit…break some rules, you know, live dangerously. Although some of these musical trinkets won’t necessarily be heard by the average listener, to musicians they’re little golden nuggets. I have this experience with “It’s Not Me, ‘Cause It’s You”. For example, he plays around with alternating between a major 7 and a dominant 7 chord in the verses.

Steven has created music that is almost a hybrid of new alternative and a classic rock sound. Classic bands such as Steely Dan and the like come to mind when hearing the harmonies and short musical modulations that keep things interesting in the chord changes. Yummy! Chiming in at around 3 minutes “It’s Not Me, Cause It’s You” is also well arranged. It keeps all the goodies short and sweet and leaves the listener wanting more, just like it should!

There’s not a whole lot about Noonish Moon on the internet but hopefully, he keeps coming out with music in the future. If you enjoy this song make sure to hit Steven Stark up and let him know! His most recent release is “American Wave” so check it out!

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