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Ryan Sutherland - Granddad's Racecar

Ryan Sutherland is a singer-songwriter working in a manufacturing plant and making music full-time based in Rochester, NY. We’ve reviewed his music before on the website. He’s got a new single “Granddad’s Racecar” and we’ve been lucky enough to have been commissioned for a review. If you remember Ryan’s music from before, he was more of a one-man band. Well, with this new single he’s brought in the rest of the musicians and I’m loving the sound.

Ryan Sutherland – Granddad’s Racecar

This particular song is dedicated to Ryan’s grandfather who he says was a working man that in the end was over-stressed and crushed with debt which forced him to sell his bar. In Ryan’s notes to me for the review he said,

“The current owners of “The Coal Yard” told me he’s still ‘haunting’ the place. They’d go on to say, anytime they moved an original feature of the bar things would mysteriously break and they’d tell him ‘alright Ray, calm down. Well put it back.'”

The music sounds like a mix of Springsteen, Dylan, and even some old Johnny Cash. I love this sound for Ryan. It’s fuller and smoother and this song, in particular, is a great road trip jam. His one-man-band stuff is cool too but I think this new full band sound suits him well. I would highly suggest to Ryan that he look into building a fan base and touring in the Midwest. States like Illinois, Missouri, and Kansas will eat his music up!

If you’re looking for the perfect musical break to take if you need to get away from the noise, then try Ryan Sutherland. It’s simple and catchy and there’s a strong meaning behind every song. I encourage you to look him up and dig into his catalog!

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