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Saturday Saints - Coffin - Review

Saturday Saints is a band from New York City that has recently revived itself. They make straight-ahead rock music that is worth a listen. For this review, I'll be focusing on the song "Coffin".

Saturdays Saints is a band whose popularity started around the NYC area back in the mid-nineties dues to their heavy club schedule in that area. They were regulars at the usual clubs such as CBGB, Mercury Lounge, ACME Underground, Arlene’s Grocery, and the Hard Rock Cafe.


I can say honestly that since I have been listening to this song for the review I have been humming it nonstop. "Coffin" has an unstoppable hook that will stay with you for days, weeks... You see, it all starts with the guitar. No, seriously, the song starts with a riff that sets up everything and it's lovely. One of the good things about the song is that it's not too complicated. Guitars, bass, drums, vocals... done well. It's a simple combo really but hard to perfect. Saturday Saints have hit it with "Coffin".

For a band to be together as long as Saturday Saints they have to develop a certain type of chemistry. It's obvious the band is dialed in with the single "Coffin." I love the length of the song about as much as I do the song itself. 3 minutes. As they say, always leave the listener wanting more!

If I had to give the song a critique I would have to say the drums are a little dry for my tastes. I LOVE READ DRUM SOUNDS don't get me wrong and the drums sound great. However, I feel like they could be just a touch bigger on the sonic stage. In saying that I mean simply maybe a little more overheads would suffice. I'm not saying to go through and process them to death at all. Maybe it's just my ears but I was missing some high-end in the mix.

Other than that small critique I love this song! The band is currently promoting their project "ANHEDONIA" now streaming everywhere and available for download. I love it when I come across new bands that have great music and Saturday Saints is no exception. I'm off to add them to my playlists. You should too!

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