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Saturday Saints - Featured Artist

Saturday Saints is a rock band from Yonkers, NY. They have been around for decades and even though there was a long pause for many years the band never actually broke up. You see, life happens but, bands don't always just end. Sometimes they just take breaks. Some members moved away but whenever they were in the same area there were still jamming and writing sessions. Therefore, the band never quite broke up.

The guys started the band in the late '90s and played thru the early '00s. They garnered a dedicated following and played all the hotspots in the lower east side that are no longer there. Then, life happened. The guys all started careers ranging from music, tv, and film to dog training. But, the band never broke up. And, here we are.


Saturday Saints was sort of revived by a short film made by the drummer, Will. The film gained some notoriety and the soundtrack featuring the band's music won an award then the "band got back together" so to speak... even though, again, there was never a breakup.

Ironically right before the pandemic, the band had restarted serious rehearsals and then the world shut down. However, it seems that this sort of situation worked out well for them. They were able to take their time creating and recording without the pressure of being in a paid recording studio. This allowed them to explore their sound a little more and I think it worked out!

If you're into rock music even a little bit then Saturday Saints are worth a listen. As a listener, you can expect to hear some driving beats, rockin' guitars, and tight vocals. Fans of '90s hard rock will get their fix with Saturday Saints. They currently have a new album entitled “Anhedonia.”

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