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Smokey Smothers - Featured Artist

Smokey Smothers is an artist making her way down in ATL. She’s recently released an EP and caught our attention with her song “Hold Me Down” so we decided to have her as a featured artist.

If you google Smokey Smothers you’ll come across “Big Smokey” and “Little Smokey”. Turns out Smokey Smothers is a family thing! Let me explain…

Smokey Smothers

“Big Smokey” was Smokey’s grandfather and “Little Smokey” was her great uncle. Both were blues artists who had successful careers. We go into a little more detail in Smokey’s featured artist interview below. The subject of this write up tho is the current Smokey Smothers.

Smokey is originally from Wisconsin but is currently residing in Atlanta making music and working as a graphic artist/video producer. She says that the video production is what’s paying her bills right now but she’ll always be making music.

Smokey says she has been serious about being a musical artist from a very early age but only recently started releasing music. She says she’s waited because she doesn’t want to be releasing music until it’s ready. She doesn’t like releasing music just to do it. She wants it to be quality.

Of course, some of her biggest influences come from her family. Just FYI I did not choose Smokey to be a featured artist based on her family’s musical history. In fact, I had no idea until David mentioned it in the interview with her on Indie Music LIVE! but I thought it was a cool backstory for sure!

Smokey’s style isn’t blues like her ancestors were. Smokey has a hip-hop/rap sound. She definitely sticks out with her delivery. If you like old-school flavor with a new-school aftertaste then check out the music of Smokey Smothers.

If you want to see more about where she comes from then check out her grandfather and great uncle too! We were honored to have Smokey Smothers as a featured artist and hope she keeps doing her!

We’re curious to know what YOU think!! Let us know on social media @IndieMusicPlus and also let the artist know that you heard their music here first on Indie Music Plus! As always, thank you for reading and continuing to support indie music of all genres! Let us review YOUR music!

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