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Tyson Ray Borsboom - Scared To Love - Review

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Tyson Ray Borsboom is a singer-songwriter guy from Canada using his acoustic guitar to show the world his music. He has released an EP, LP, and a number of singles. This review will focus on his new song "Scared To Love."

The first thought that comes to mind with "Scared To Love" is that this song creates a surreal and fuzzy feeling. I typically listen to music much heavier and upbeat than this so I had to give it a couple of listens to get a feel for it.

You're definitely not going to put this song on to dance. This is a tune you'll want to enjoy at a campfire or while relaxing. Overall, the song is very well produced for the genre. I can hear everything really well. Acoustic guitars can be tricky to record but I have no qualms with the guitar sound here. No drums to speak of but only simple melodies and hooks, but the simplicity is sort of what makes the tune. So, it's nothing too complicated.

I think one of my favorite parts about the song is the subtle slide guitar that hovers over everything in the mix. I say in public I'm not a fan of country music but one of my weaknesses is the slide guitar. It's just so trippy. This is a part of "Scared To Love" I would be scared to miss! I love it!

There is one thing that I appreciate the most in the indie music scene and that is good music and good playing. Tyler Ray Borsboom meets all of my requirements to recommend him and his music to my indie music friends. Fans of folk, country, and easy listening will enjoy "Scared To Love" by TysonRay Borsboom.

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