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Vassilis - Better Days Are Here - Review

Vassilis is a singer/songwriter originally from Athens, Greece, and now living in the UK. His first two releases, “A Quest for Long Lost Memories” and “Better Days Are Here”, are available now on all digital platforms.


This song is easy to listen to and radio-ready. With my first couple of listens, I kept getting the urge to listen to Oasis. I am enjoying the piano, strings, and repetitive catchy hooks that are familiar sounding and not in a bad way either. Also, the melody hook is very easy to get stuck in your head, that’s for sure.

The strings add ambiance to the vibe and there are sections that remind me of bands like Spiritualized and The Verve. I can’t believe this guy has only released two singles so far! The quality of the first two songs is definitely not the product of a beginner. I’m guessing Vassilis has been playing and writing music for years. He has a mature sound musically and sonically, both of which rarely happen overnight.

I appreciate the way the song moves and grows in intensity and then breaks down again. One of my big critiques is that about halfway thru, Vassilis’ vocals sound a bit tired. Personally, I would revisit some of the harmonies in particular and tighten them up a bit. Also, I think the song is a little on the long side. “Better Days Are Here” would also benefit from an edited “radio version”.

Overall, Vassilis has a winner here! I’m looking forward to hearing him release new music in the future. Hopefully, we’ll have a chance to review and promote more. Keep your eyes out for this guy and connect with him on social media!

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