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The IMP Featured Artist is perhaps the most coveted position on the Indie Music Plus website. With a special video interview on Indie Music LIVE!, a written review, and heavy promotion for months afterward it's time to throw your Indie Music Hat in the ring...


The Featured Artist is the central focus of Indie Music LIVE, the podcast we have been producing since the Fall of 2015. We stream on Youtube, Spotify, Soundcloud, iTunes and anywhere else you watch or listen to your podcasts!


We are now accepting submissions for featured artists in 2024! Do you have a new single, album or video you'd like featured in 2024? This is for you! Submit music NOW!


You may have noticed we are charging a small submission fee. We wish we could keep submission completely free, however, we have found that charging a nominal fee separates the serious bands, rappers, songwriters, and musicians from the NON SERIOUS ones. Also, it takes time and effort to go through each submission.


IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a non-refundable submission with no guarantee of being chosen to be a featured artist. If we decide to feature you and your music we will get in touch. If your music doesn't make the cut to be chosen as Featured Artist, your song(s) will be at the top of the song pile when we're choosing each week's playlist. We try and tag every artist we are playing in the show through Facebook. Please keep an eye out to find out when we're playing your music! We strive to play the majority of the music that is submitted however you are not guaranteed to be on the show. If you would like to submit your music for free please CLICK HERE


So, what are you waiting for? Submit your music NOW!




Featured Artist Submission

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