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Copus - Methuselah - Review

single cover pic for the song methuselah by copus

Indie Music Plus embodies the essence of indie. We embrace all genres without discrimination. If your music resonates with quality, you'll find a spot on our site. With that in mind, my initial encounter with the new single "Methuselah" by Copus left me bewildered, yet intrigued. Brace yourselves for an unconventional auditory adventure that's not rock, pop, or rap; it's a unique fusion of spoken word and music that demands a listen.

The ensemble, Copus, which stands for Creation of Peace Under Stars, originated in 1998 through the collaboration of poet Royal Kent and composer Wendy Loomis. They've crafted a unique sound described as Renaissance Funk, blending the rhythmic essence of spoken word with a musical backdrop. Though new to me, Renaissance Funk has apparently been carving its niche for quite some time. If you're acquainted with spoken word over music, this emerging genre—Renaissance Funk—will likely pique your interest.

Copus - Methuselah

Now, onto the song "Methuselah." Its divergence from the mainstream is refreshing. The sound quality is top-notch, offering clarity in every beat, though the vocals may seem a bit subdued and muffled—a deliberate choice, perhaps, to accentuate the genre's distinct style. Despite this, the lyrics remain fairly discernible, a crucial aspect for appreciating the poetic rhythm intertwined with the music. The piano, although subtle, adds a delicate touch, enhancing the narrative carried by the spoken words. It's not about catchy hooks or enticing melodies; it's about the seamless marriage of rhythm and poetry that takes center stage. Two noteworthy highlights of "Methuselah" are its impeccable sound clarity and the innovative blend of spoken word, which makes Copus stand out. Their distinct style might just be the fresh breath of air the music industry needs, appealing particularly to those with a penchant for the unconventional.

Copus has undoubtedly brought something unique to the table, and I'm grateful they shared their music for review. Now, I'm eager to hear your thoughts on Copus and their novel single "Methuselah." Connect with me on social media at @JoeJoeKeys and let Copus know you discovered their music right here on Indie Music Plus!

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