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The Awesome Crew - Question Me 2 - Review

The Awesome Crew - Question Me 2 Cover

In a music industry that often leans towards rapid innovation and the latest trends, The Awesome Crew's latest track, "Question Me 2," serves as a compelling reminder of hip-hop's enduring spirit and the timeless appeal of its foundational elements. Emerging from Clinton, South Carolina, in 1986, The Awesome Crew has navigated the evolving landscapes of hip-hop, R&B, and rap, marking their territory with an indelible blend of musicality and lyrical depth that has resonated across decades.

The Awesome Crew - Question Me 2

"Question Me 2" is not just a song; it's a narrative woven with the threads of experience, innovation, and a deep-seated respect for the genre's roots. The group, originally composed of Smooth D, Busy B (Nasty Nard), Daddy D, and Classy D, also known as the Twins of Spin, has a storied history that spans being accomplished radio and club DJs to pioneering producers and songwriters. Their journey through the music scene, marked by the release of groundbreaking tracks like "Bad Boys" and "Back In The Days," has been a testament to their adaptability and enduring talent.

The Awesome Crew's re-emergence on the music scene three years ago, amidst challenges including the loss of members and the global pandemic, showcases their resilience and commitment to their craft. Classy D's solo endeavors, under the moniker Paradigm, pay homage to the group's legacy while exploring a fusion of R&B, hip-hop, and spoken word poetry he describes as Adult Contemporary Hip-Hop. This innovative approach has not only preserved the group's originality but also propelled them into new realms of musical exploration.

"Question Me 2" captures the essence of what many fans, myself included, have come to love about The Awesome Crew: their ability to blend old-school hip-hop vibes with intelligent, positive rap. The track stands out for its high-quality production and the unexpected chord changes in the chorus, offering a refreshing departure from the monotony often found in contemporary rap. These variations are key to the song's appeal, providing a fun and engaging listening experience that distinguishes it from the crowd.

While some may critique the raps for being too choppy and simple, I argue that this simplicity is a deliberate nod to their old-school style, fitting perfectly within the song's overall aesthetic. The accompanying video, though reliant on stock footage, could benefit from a more cohesive visual narrative that matches the audio's rhythm. Despite this, it's a step up from static imagery, suggesting potential areas for creative expansion in future projects.

Discovering "Question Me 2" and, by extension, The Awesome Crew has been an exciting journey. Their music not only pays respect to the genre's history but also pushes its boundaries, inviting listeners to engage with hip-hop in a more profound and thoughtful manner. As someone new to The Awesome Crew but deeply entrenched in the indie music scene, I'm eager to see where their innovative approach to music will take them next. Their blend of nostalgia and innovation offers a promising glimpse into the future of hip-hop, making "Question Me 2" a must-listen for both old fans and newcomers alike.

I'm curious to know what YOU think of "Question Me 2" by The Awesome Crew. Get in touch on social media everywhere @JoeJoeKeys. Also, make sure to let The Awesome Crew know you heard their music here first on Indie Music Plus! As always, thank you for reading and supporting indie music!

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