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Heavy AmericA - Tails - Review

Heavy AmericA is a band that has been making music since 2014. The project was formed after a recording session with another artist and 3 years later the band released their debut album “NOW”. The band has been releasing singles since then. In 2020 they release “If You Care” and then recently they’ve released “Tails”, which is the focus of this review.

Heavy AmericA

The boys (Michael, Budd & Dan) have a modern classic sound. If you like older rock, new rock, alt-rock, and more… you’re good to go with this trio! Plus, for a three-piece, they sound BIG. I love three-piece bands with a full sound. These guys sound experienced. I can tell they’ve all been playing their instruments for some time. In “Tails” they sway back and forth between a few different grooves and time signatures fluently.

Digging a little deeper… I can hear so many different influences in just this one song it’s hard to pick one or two to mention. Soundgarden, Pink Floyd, Helmet, and, maybe sprinkle some Red Hot Chili Peppers in there is probably the best combo I can come up with at this time. What do you think?

So, this song seriously has it all to keep the rocker interested. Heavy guitars, just as heavy and full bass sounds, hooks galore, and musicality! What else could one rocker want in a band and a song? I’m severely impressed by these guys! In the next year or so look for, according to their website, a “string of singles” to be released this year and beyond.

I’m excited to follow the career of Heavy AmericA and I hope you are too! Make sure to hit them up on social and let them know you love what they’re doing! In these times especially, bands and artists need the support more than ever to keep doing what they love to do.

We’re curious to know what YOU think!! Let us know on social media @IndieMusicPlus and also let the artist know that you heard their music here first on Indie Music Plus! As always, thank you for reading and continuing to support indie music of all genres! Let us review YOUR music!

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