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KingZiLLa ft. BRO BLAKE - Run On - Review

Cover art for the single "Run On" by KingZiLLa ft. BRO BLAKE

"Run On" by KingZiLLa ft. BRO BLAKE is not just a song; it's a journey into the heart of our modern world – the AI revolution. This track stands out in today's music scene, offering a rich mix of sounds and ideas, all wrapped up in KingZiLLa's unique style of dubfunk.

The KingZiLLa ft. BRO BLAKE sound is a feast for the ears, and "Run On" showcases this brilliantly. His dubfunk style – a creative blend of different genres – is both innovative and deeply engaging. It's a sound that doesn't just reach your ears; it resonates with you, matching perfectly with the futuristic theme of the song.


The song tackles the exciting yet intimidating concept of the AI revolution. KingZiLLa ft. BRO BLAKE dives deep into this theme, not just scratching the surface but really exploring what a world on the edge of a technological breakthrough might feel like. It's a relevant and thought-provoking theme, encouraging listeners to think about their role in this new era.

BRO BLAKE's vocals are a standout feature of the track. His unique mix of rap and melodic singing adds an exciting dimension to the song. The vocals do more than just accompany the music; they're a key part of the story the song tells, adding depth and appeal. The rap-style singing is especially catchy, making the complex theme of AI more approachable and fun.

The chorus of "Run On" is incredibly catchy. It's a tune that stays with you, echoing the song's main message. This chorus doesn't just grab your attention; it sticks with you, leaving you humming long after the song is over.

However, the song's structure has an unexpected twist. After a powerful breakdown, complete with booming drums – a classic KingZiLLa move – the track takes a surprising turn. Instead of bringing back the chorus for a final high point, it's missing, leading to an ending that, while interesting, feels a bit unfinished, making you wish for one more round of that catchy chorus.

"Run On" by KingZiLLa ft. BRO BLAKE is more than just a tune; it's a reflection of our times set to the beat of dubfunk. It's a song that perfectly combines the excitement of dubfunk with the intrigue of the AI revolution. While its structure might leave some listeners wanting a bit more, it's clear that KingZiLLa is a pioneer in the music world. As we anticipate more groundbreaking work from this dubfunk expert, it's evident that KingZiLLa isn't just keeping up with the times but is ahead of the curve, creating the music of the future.

I'm curious to know what YOU think about "Run On" by KingZiLLa ft. BRO BLAKE. Get in touch on social media, I'm @joejoekeys everywhere. As always, thanks for reading and supporting indie music!

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