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Mike P Fitzpatrick - Why Complain - Review

Mike P Fitzpatrick is a gospel singer/songwriter from Atlanta, GA. We’ve promoted his music in the past but his new single “Why Complain” (featuring Sarah Teibo and Tony Pruitt) is one of the best he’s released to date. The song starts out, almost as if it’s been going already, with Mike singing “Bills are piling up…” sounding similar to Michael McDonald. I like the high energy from the beginning. No intro, just straight into it. There’s no time to waste either as there are two guest artists coming up next! Fans of pop, gospel, and rap are going to love this new single.

Mike P Fitzpatrick – Why Complain

I love the high energy. It’s grooving hard and sounds like Mike has a live band complete with horns and strings sprinkled throughout. Mike handles the first verse of the song and then lets Sarah Teibo take over on the second and she kills it. Personally, I think she could be brought up in the mix a bit. A voice like that needs more highlight, especially in gospel music! In the second chorus though her volume is perfect for the amazing harmonies she lays down in support of Mike.

After a short interlude after the second chorus, Tony Pruitt comes in and drops some knowledge. Christian rappers have it tough sometimes to fit in, not only with their secular peers but with other styles as well. Tony mixes in like he belongs and fits in perfectly. All the talent is spectacular on this track! I’m impressed!

Along with the high energy, I think the variety is what is really making this song for me. If I had any critiques I think the mix could take another look in certain spots. In particular, as I mentioned before with Sarah’s buried vocal and in general it seems a little low in overall volume…like everything was a little too far away from the recording mics. Maybe a fresh master? I’m not really sure. Otherwise, this track is hot and I can’t wait to see what Mike P Fitzpatrick has up his sleeve next!

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