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Queens County Roots - Fantasma - Review

Queens County Roots - Fantasma

Hailing from the bustling borough of Queens, NYC, "Queens County Roots" (QCR) epitomizes the perfect fusion of Southern warmth and Northern vigor. At the helm is Atlanta-born guitarist Marlon Hurt, whose artistry weaves together blues, pop, and rock, all underpinned by evocative lyrical narratives. Marlon's Southern roots, combined with the pulsating rhythm of New York, give rise to the band's unique sound, often likened to “the gospel of real life.” With a storied history of collaborations and a dynamic ensemble, QCR recently unveiled their eagerly awaited single, "Fantasma". As they carve their niche in the indie music landscape, Queens County Roots is on a mission to offer a refreshing sound that seamlessly merges classic blues with modern pop. Now, let's delve deeper into "Fantasma."


This track is a gem. It exudes a relaxed yet cohesive musical aura. Marlon's sound truly encapsulates everything previously described and then some. There's a remarkable fusion of diverse styles at play. While the vocalist is undeniably distinctive, there are fleeting moments where he reminds me of the lead singer from Maroon 5. His falsetto, combined with the vocal effects, creates a velvety texture, as if his voice is cascading over the melodies.

From a technical standpoint, the song's engineering and production are top-notch. To my ears, there's a hint of overcompression, which occasionally makes the mix sound a tad flat. However, this minor critique is overshadowed by the track's expansive sonic landscape. The horns, in particular, are masterfully mixed, melding seamlessly with other instruments at times.

But the true highlight? The song's musicality. The composition showcases intriguing chord progressions and melodies, crafting a distinctive ambiance. "Fantasma" is a genre-blending marvel, touching upon rock, funk, and even hints of R&B. In essence, if you have an ear for exceptional music, Queens County Roots' "Fantasma" deserves a spot on your playlist.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this track and the band. Reach out on social media, and don't forget to mention that you discovered their song here, on Indie Music Plus!

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