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Roam Like Ghosts - To That Place You Call home - Review

Roam Like Ghosts is an original acoustic duo from Weston, VA, and Cary, NC. We’ve reviewed their music before. They are back in a big way with their swampy folk-rock sound and I think they’ve found their calling. Their new album To That Place You Call Home is nothing less than fantastic. Here are my thoughts…

Roam Like Ghosts – To That Place You Call Home

The sounds these guys are creating are some of the best I’ve heard in 2021 so far. The super-clean production on this sophomore release is absolutely stellar. Mathew Daugherty’s vocals are so crisp and clear and the melodies are wonderful. They’ve brought in some other musicians to help fill out the sound and I think it was the right decision. Even with the production, Roam Like Ghosts still presents a super stripped-down sound. I can’t get over how good each and every song is. “Memory of You” is the first full song after the intro track of “Before We Began.” Both are enjoyable and then the killer track “Disappear” comes up.

“Disappear” is amazing. Mathew’s vocals are spot on and sound so good. There’s also a double track of what sounds like a female that just sweetens it even more. The melodies are infectious. I’m so impressed with this album, have I said that yet? I don’t ever think I’ve heard this perfect blend of pop, alt-rock, country, and folk.

When I think of “acoustic duo” I think of two guitarists strumming the same G, C, and D chords but that’s not the case with Roam Like Ghosts. Their musicality keeps me interested the entire time and they’ve really nailed the engineering of recording an acoustic guitar. It can be tough to record those little suckers sometimes. To really capture the sound of the acoustic guitar takes knowledge and skill. They sound great throughout the entire record.

“Rewind” is another highlight in the album for me. Again, the production makes some of these tracks truly complete. In this one, in particular, there are some bells that come in later that impact the overall sound just enough to open it up. Right after comes “Find You” which is showing off flutes, bells, and lyrics about the birds and bees and being free. The vocal harmonies only add to the brilliance. Wow, just wow!

If you’ve ever read my reviews you know I’m not afraid to give criticism. I can’t find any negative critiques here as these guys have nailed it. They obviously know their sound and have created a gem. I said it before and I’ll say it again, easily the best album I’ve heard so far in 2021. Other strong tracks I suggest are “Sara” and “Sum of All My Wrongs” but really I suggest just hitting play and letting it go because you can’t go wrong on the entire collection!

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