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Robert Watson - The Matriarch of the Family - Review

Robert Watson music on Spotify

Robert Watson is an indie instrumentalist who has been making music for a long time. As far as I can tell he tends to work by himself writing all the music and playing all the instruments. I have grown to thoroughly enjoy Robert Watson's music for the past few years. He's released a new song for review called "The Matriarch of the Family" and I'm going to let you in on some of my thoughts.

I commend Robert Watson for sticking to his truth all these years when it comes to his music. He's always been in his own lane just making music and grooving to the beat he wants to groove to. He continues to do so with "The Matriarch of the Family".

Robert Watson: The Matriarch of the Family

In TMOTF, Robert creates grooves that are fun to listen to overall. One aspect of Robert's playing and music style that I enjoy is the vintage flavor. TMOTF, is no different. I always get the feeling that any of his songs could easily fit into a '70s afro music soundtrack for a movie. His music always has that type of feel and style. On the flip side tho some of his playing can seem rigid.

Maybe the rigidness comes the fact he plays so many insruments and some of the instruments that he is recording may not be his forte. However, he does end up with some great tunes! I'm happy that Robert continues to release new music. He's a true indie musician.

TMOTF def continues Robert's tradition of making classic sounding funk style tunes. I really enjoy the keyboards and the chord progressions. Robert is great at using interesting chord progressions to keep the listener engaged. Since there are never any vocals in Robert's tunes this tactic is essential. Instrumental music can become boring to the average listener but Robert is doing a great job at keeping it attractive with variety.

I encourage you to check out his new single "The Matriarch of the Family" to figure how YOU feel about it. Let him know you heard it hear FIRST on Indie Music Plus!

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1 Comment

Frances Curry
Frances Curry
Jun 27, 2023

Robert is a phenomenal artist. I absolutely love his music including this new song.

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