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Rivas - Featured Artist

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Rivas is a rapper making noise out of Rochester, NY. His main goal is to spread the gospel thru his music but he also is looking for listeners who may not subscribe to his faith. If you're into "'90s boom bap rap" then no matter your faith convictions you should give Rivas a listen.

There is no doubt that Rivas is working hard. He's been performing all summer at different festivals and events around western New York. He's also been working hard at perfecting his craft. Rivas has released a number of singles in 2022 alone and there is no sign he's stopping anytime soon.


I've had the pleasure of getting to know Rivas on a personal level and I'm proud to call him a friend. You see, we're not all rock stars. I met Rivas while working on delivery apps. Yes, I'm not rich and do gig work lol. We kept seeing each other at Starbucks waiting for orders and one day we just started talking. Turns out, we have lots in common! Currently, Rivas is also going to school and pursuing a degree at a local college.

Rivas is the epitome of "indie" which is why I have had him as the featured artist. He makes his own beats, produces his own tracks, and releases them himself. I encourage you to check him out all over the internet but maybe first watch his featured artist interview on our Youtube channel

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